Game won't start - missing KnightOnline.exe
Why game doesn't open?

Sometimes you may find the client won't start when you try to run it from the launcher. This is almost always because an antivirus (or Windows Defender) has blocked (or deleted) it.

The best way to permanently fix this is to simply add our client folder to its exclusion list. You can see below how to do it.

Why does my antivirus or Windows Defender detects KnightOnline.exe as trojan?

This is nothing else than a false-positive result affecting most of Knight Online clients.

With packing the neseccary data's inside client the exe is hiding it. Some anti-virus is understanding it wrong cause we hide our neseccary data's into the exe to avoid 3rd party tools being worked.

Its a protection to avoid people from tampering with the client and it's an unfortunate certainty it'll consider it suspicious in some form.

The client provided by us isn't infected with anything or any more malicious than the official client

How do I fix it?

As there are many different antiviruses (with many different versions) it is impossible to explain how to do this for each of them (there are many guides online for doing this for your individual cases), but here's how to do it in Windows Defender (on Windows 10).

1. From the Start menu, search "Defender" or "Virus & threat protection"
[Image: exe1.png]

2. On the Virus & threat protection screen, find the "Virus & threat protection settings" section. Click "Manage settings"
[Image: exe2.png]

3. On this page, find the "Exclusions" section. Click "Add or remove exclusions."
[Image: exe3.png]

4. Select "Folder" and browse the location where you installed the OhaGaming client. You should see folder added to the exlusions list and you're done.
[Image: exe4.png]

If the client still doesn't start just reinstall it to the same folder and location!

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